Warp Drive Research Key to Interstellar Travel

Warp-drive engines are mostly known from movies like Star Trek. Stuff from fantasies. But suprisingly it is investigated in the real world as well. NASA is researching if it is possible to build such an engine. A tabletop experiment designed to create tiny distortions in spacetimeIf could be the answer. If there experiments are successful it might be indeed possible.
Many physicists are still sceptical and NASA itself only puts a very small amount (50.000$) of there budget into the research lead by Harold „Sunny“ White. On the otherside it is a suprise that the federal goverment supports the project at all. So some hope seems to be justified.
Scientists, engineers and amateur space enthusiasts have therefore founded organizations like the „100 Year Starship project“, the „Tau Zero Foundation“ or the „Icarus Interstellar“.
With time we have explored the universe a lot more. We know now that there might be planets that could support life. But the time to get there is unreasonable. It is necessary to research faster ways. Warp-drive engines would be just one possibilty. Icarus Interstellar for example is also exploring the use of fusion power. Till now though, all projects have been unseccessful. It could not prove itself on earth yet. Interstellar dust is also a problem. It can cause plenty of damage to a probe. A spacecraft would need shields and a heavy load of fuel to carry the weight and slow itself down.
The fact of all this complications could explain why we never met aliens. Still research goes on. And it is nesscessary, if we listen to advocates such as Jill Tarter, who stated that exploring other star systems is essential to humanity’s long-term survival. The earth is permatly on risk. In our solar system only Mars is close to being habitable, but it would take hundreds of years to make it actually livable to humans. Though we would need to find other planets in other solar systems.

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